IACP35: 2013 Conference, San Francisco

April 6 - 9, 2013

Many thanks to all our attendees and presenters – you made this year's conference memorable and inspiring!

See our Roundup page for lots of IACP35 images and stories

Past Annual Conferences

Wondering what Annual Conference is all about? Explore programs, featured speakers, and other highlights from recent conferences, including New York, Austin, Portland.

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IACP35 San Francisco Session Handouts

Find handouts and presentations offered at conference sessions, as provided to us by session presenters.

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IACP35 Conference Roundup

Feeling rested after conference action and ready to reminisce?  We're posting IACP35 highlights from lots of sources, including member and media contributions.

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Special Focus Conference:              A 360-Degree Look at Food

Coinciding with the Atlanta Foodservice Expo, join fellow IACP members at a day-long immersion in thought-provoking seminars, networking, skill-building, and, of course, great eating and drinking.

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2015 Washington D.C Annual Conference

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2011 Annual Conference

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Annual Conference FAQ

Questions about our 2013 Annual Conference? Then you've come to the right place: FAQ SF!

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IACP36 Chicago

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2014 Chicago

Connecting to the Past, Present, and Future of Food 
36th Annual Conference
March 14-17, 2014

2014 Chicago Program

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Austin 2011 Featured Speakers

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Southern California Regional Conference

Careers, Connection, and the Art of Reinvention
: Viking Showroom of Sues, Young, and Brown, Baldwin Park, CA, USA
Organizer: Patti Londre
Featured Speakers: Anne Willan, Russ Parsons, Barbara Fairchild, Denise Vivaldo, George Geary, Patti Londre, and Marlene Brown Oliphant

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Featured Speakers

Our Annual Conference headliners.

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2013 San Francisco

From Dirt to Digital
35th Annual Conference
April 6-9th 2013

2013 San Francisco Program
Featured Speakers


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NYC 2012 Conference Highlights

Featured Speakers * NYC Opening Party * Awards * Culinary Expo * Book & Blog Festival * Optional Tours * Media Monday Tours * Session Handouts

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2012 New York

The Fashion of Food:
Where Food, Fashion, and Media Connect 
34th Annual Conference
March 29 - April 2, 2012

Full Program

Featured Speakers

Culinary Expo

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New York Regional Conference

Location: New York, New York, USA
Organizer: The Culinary Trust in concert with IACP
Featured Speakers: Betty Fussell, Michael Hurwitz, Sam Kass, Corby Kummer, Marion Nestle, Chef Bill Telepan

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2013 Culinary Expo

 Exhibitor's Guide

Exhibitor Registration is now closed.

This year we celebrate the 35th Annual Conference with the regional theme of “Dirt to Digital:  Real Food in a Virtual World.”

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Program & Registration

View the program and register for our Annual Conference, where culinarians from around the globe gather to unite, inspire, and celebrate. Come to network, come to share your knowledge, in the heart of NYC.

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Hotel & Travel

The Millennium Broadway Hotel in Times Square and the historic Hudson Theater will be our Annual Conference home base.

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Missouri Regional Conference

Celebrating Chocolate, Champagne, and Pastry
Location: University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA
Organizer: Chef Daniel Pliska, CEC, in concert with the American Culinary Federation
Featured Speakers: Chef Gui Alinat, Bob Campbell, Chef Jerome Landrieu, Chef Andrew Logan, Alan McClure, Chef Casey Shiller

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Plan Your Own IACP Event

Bring members together for networking and educational development. Keep it simple with a Grassroots Event, or create a deeper experience with a One-Day City Event. 

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2011 Austin, TX

Sparks from the Culinary Edge
33rd Annual Conference
June 1-4, 2011

2011 Austin Program
Featured Speakers 
Session Handouts

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2012 Awards Ceremony

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2013 Program Committee

Each year, a committee of IACP volunteers serves as a panel to review the many proposal ideas that come from membership. The panel also helps select featured speakers and create other program elements. Meet our 2013 Conference Program Committee members

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2013 Partner Program

The 2013 Partner Program provides a unique opportunity to present your product or service to some of the most influential food personalities in the world.

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Grassroots Events

Our Grassroots Events program supplements the networking and educational experiences at regional conferences and Annual Conference by making it easy to meet members in your own community.

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2012 Optional Tours

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2013 Host City Committee

With its energetic restaurant scene, the nearby farmlands, vineyards, ocean shores and high-tech Silicon Valley, San Francisco helps set the pace of the nation's food culture.  And our 2013 Host City Committee was thrilled to organize special opportunities, tours and events to help you experience all of it!

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IACP on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter!

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2010 Portland, OR

The New Culinary Order
32nd Annual Conference
April 21-24, 2010

2010 Portland Program
Featured Speakers
Session Handouts
ideo Diaries

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2009 Denver, CO

Pioneering a Sustainable World 
31st Annual Conference
April 1-4, 2009

2009 Denver Program
Featured Speakers
Session Handouts

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2013 Conference Theme

"Dirt to Digital:
Real Food in a Virtual World
Northern California is fertile ground for both the farm-to-table movement and technological innovation. We explore the creative intersection!

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2012 Conference Team

It takes more than a village to put together Conference! And there is still time for you to lend a hand.

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2008 New Orleans, LA

Rhythm on the Plate
30th Annual Conference
April 15-19, 2008

2008 New Orleans Program
Featured Speakers

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IACP Board of Directors Meeting

Purpose: Annual Pre-Conference Planning Meeting
Location: New York, New York, USA

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Attend an IACP Event.

From Annual Conference to regional conferences and grassroots events, there is always a way to stay connected with IACP. 

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Austin 2011 Conference Highlights

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Austin 2011 Session Handouts

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IACP Board of Directors Meeting

Purpose: Regular monthly meeting
Location: N/A; via phone

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IACP Leadership Meeting

Purpose: Biannual "State of the IACP" meeting with section and committee leadership
All IACP members welcome!
Location: N/A; via phone

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Portland 2010 Conference Highlights

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2010 Portland Program

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Portland 2010 Featured Speakers

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Portland 2010 Session Handouts

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33rd Annual Conference

Sparks from the Culinary Edge
Dates: June 1 - 4, 2011
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Headquarters Hotel: Austin Hilton
Featured Speakers: John Besh, Penny De Los Santos, Jim Hightower, Diana Kennedy, Daniel Klein, Ellie Krieger, Jacques Pépin, Kim Severson, and Duc Tran

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Denver 2009 Featured Speakers

Lynne Rossetto Kasper headlined the Awards Gala while luminaries from all walks of culinary life led the plenary sessions at the start of each day.

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Denver 2009 Conference Highlights

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New Orleans 2008 Featured Speakers

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New Orleans 2008 Conference Highlights

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Denver 2009 Session Handouts

Below you'll find all the presentations available from the 2009 Annual Conference. Enjoy!

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Austin Eateries

Here's a sampler of Austin eateries, not to be missed while at Conference.

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2011 Austin Program

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2009 Denver Program

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2008 New Orleans Program

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Conference Program Launch Party

Celebrate IACP's 34th Annual Conference: The Fashion of Food
Location: Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette Street, New York, NY, USA
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
RSVP: By January 6, 2012

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Pacific Northwest Grassroots Event

New Year 2012 Celebration Potluck
Location: The Art of the Pie, 6035 42nd Avenue SW, West Seattle, WA 98136
Time: 6:00 pm
RSVP: Required; contact Pranee Halverson via email or at (206) 329-4877
Venue Contact: Kate McDermott, (206) 329-4877

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Grant Achatz, Featured Speaker

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Dan Barber, Featured Speaker

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Adam Gopnik, Featured Speaker

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Susan Lyne, Featured Speaker

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Marion Nestle, Featured Speaker

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Adam Rapoport, Featured Speaker

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Ruth Reichl, Featured Speaker

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Kim Severson, Featured Speaker

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Susan Stockton, Featured Speaker

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Marcus Samuelsson, Featured Speaker

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2012 Culinary Expo

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2012 Book & Blog Festival

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2012 NYC Opening Party

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Media Monday Tours

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Maile Carpenter, Featured Speaker

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Darra Goldstein, Featured Speaker

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Sam Sifton, Featured Speaker

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Neal Barnard, MD, Featured Speaker

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Melissa Clark, Featured Speaker

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Molly O’Neill, Featured Speaker

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Amanda Hesser, Featured Speaker

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4 Steps to a Grassroots Event

It's easy to connect with local members!

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2013 San Francisco Conference Brainstorming Get-Together

Location: Mijita, AT&T Park, 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA, USA
Time: 5:00 - 6:30 pm
RSVP: Shani Phelan at or (646) 358-4957 X 101

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NYC Conference Program Launch Party

Our 34th Annual Conference launch party was standing room only!

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North Carolina Grassroots Event

An Adventure in Cooking: The New Nordic Table
Location: The Garden Cabin and Lower Glad Cafe at Warren Wilson College, 701 Warren Wilson College Rd, Swannanoa, NC
Time: 3:00 pm welcome, foraging, and farm/garden tours; 6:00 pm cocktails with dinner to follow
RSVP: Tickets available at
Venue Contact: Elizabeth Button, 828-239-2946 x 3;

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Seattle Area Grassroots Potluck

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Conference Live Stream

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NYC 2012 Session Handouts

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Call for Annual Conference Proposals Opens

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Call for Proposals

Share your ideas and expertise.
The proposal period ended September 17; learn more here.

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Call for Tour Proposals Has Ended

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2013 Conference Program

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OPT300: Networking Mixer

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FSS001: PLENARY: Examining the Divide Between “Dirt” and “Digital”

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GSD001: Two Tastes of Mexican Cuisine in California Today

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GSD002: Pin with Us! Food and the Power of Pinterest

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GSD003: What the Crowds Tell Us About Trends in Cooking

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GSD004: The Food Revolution vs. the Obesity Crisis

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GSD005: Telling Stories on Radio

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GSD006: 100 Years of California Chardonnay

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OPD002: Book and Blog Fair

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OPD001: Culinary Expo

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OPD003: Host City Party at Ferry Plaza Building

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